Gap Life Programme

A life-changing programme for high school / gap year students and young adults.


JANUARY 19 th - JUNE 17th Tuesdays and Thursdays




This course is suitable for high school / gap year students or young adults.



Maximum 12 students. 4:1 student-to-facilitator ratio with additional AW team members and local farmers also supporting.



Subak Uma Lambing rice paddies and Sibanggede Agroforest, both within 5min drive from Green School.


  • identify, propagate, cultivate, care for, harvest, and cook more than 20 different kinds of plants that grow easily and abundantly in Bali

  • experience the rice cycle from seed to table

  • prepare land and plant an agroforest from its initial stage, learning principles of agroforestry such as succession, mulching, stratas, companion planting, biomass planting and more.

  • practice alternative methods of rice cultivation that eliminate chemical inputs and mitigate climate change

  • recognize soil quality and do basic soil testing

  • source food from the land and cook delicious meals with it

  • build a brick oven and learn how to cook with fire

  • use farming tools 

  • disconnect from screens and be outside all day with friends working with their hands and hearts and minds

  • interact with Balinese farmers, Balinese youth, and Balinese cooks

  • be exposed to bahasa Indonesia in context 

  • practice mindfulness in nature 

  • understand permaculture principles through practice in the field 

  • take part in a localization movement bringing benefit to local economies, communities and ecosystems

Note: We will do our utmost to respect social distancing protocols between our facilitators and the students, and our facilitators will wear masks.  Government regulations could have an impact on our planned activities, so we will check in with you in the days prior to the camp to ensure that conditions will allow for us to gather on those dates.