We reconnect humans with nature, the source of our food and regenerative communities, to rebuild hope and inspire.

That is the Astungkara Way

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Experience the Astungkara Way

Our goal is to reconnect humans with nature, the source of our food and regenerative communities that inspire and give us hope.

To do this, we offer a wide range of experiences, from an overnight in the rice paddies, experiential courses for kids and adults, to a unique and transformative coast-to-coast pilgrimage across Bali.

We are a Social Enterprise

Ensuring Resilience

Our team of young Balinese agriculturalists works with existing farmers but also with local youth to get them back to the field and to ensure there is a next generation of farmers to steward their ancestral lands.

Our efforts to regenerate Bali, starting with rice cultivation then with other crops, and to carry this movement from local to global, are amplified with every contribution we receive.

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Healthy Rice

Transitioning to regenerative farming one paddy and one farmer at a time.

Chemical farming took over only a generation ago in Bali – and across the world. The result has been the degradation of soil, ecosystems, biodiversity, financial resilience and human health. It is time to reverse this trend, and you can help.

We are working with rice farmers in Subak Uma Lambing, an 87 hectare testbed in the heart of Bali, to support them in their transition to non-chemical, regenerative farming methods.


We provide a space for learning, sharing experiences and best practices with other farmers and more importantly, we provide a market by selling the healthy rice they produce.

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