Join the movement

Many of you have reached out to us and offered your support to the Astungkara Way movement. Here are a few ways you can provide us with meaningful help to bring the change we all want to see happen.

Share with your friends

Let your friends know about our courses using this link or through social media:

help us build a lemongrass distillation lab

With $2000US, we will be able to purchase necessary tools and equipment to increase the scale of distilling lemongrass leaves to produce high value essential oils. We will help Balinese youth create a social enterprise around this new process and market.

This is the first of dozens of agri-entrepreneurial projects island wide that we plan to support with Astungkara Way funding and profits.

Provide a loan

COVID has presented us with both opportunities and challenges as a budding new social enterprise.

While we wait for the pandemic to loosen its grip on movement both on-island, domestically, and internationally, we could use a little breathing room to ensure we can focus on executing our vision.  Participate in our 10K USD Reserve Loan, set aside for rainy days.

Donate a Regenerative Farming Learning Centre

$20,000US will enable us to build the first of 8 Regenerative Farming Learning Centres that will become destinations on the first leg of our Astungkara Trail.  

Each one will be comprised of a beautiful but simple bamboo building which will serve as a learning pod in the field for local youth, a resting place for farmers, a seed-to-table kitchen, a seed library, tool storage, and a basic dormitory space for Trail pilgrims. They will also be equipped with worm composting toilets and solar heated showers.

High impact for local communities, yet light on the land and made from natural renewable materials.