Living the Rice Cycle

Experience the full rice cycle at Subak Uma Lambing, Bali



Since 2018, our team has over-booked this course for 4 consecutive rice cycles.

In the process, we have we have contributed over 80mil rupiah to the farming cooperative and built 2 bamboo structures (kubus) that are now major assets to the local community.
The course provides a transformative experience to learners and support to the farmers of Subak Uma Lambing to implement resilient, natural farming practices.


Through the Rice Cycle Course, we are establishing strong ties with the local farmers of Subak Uma Lambing and a shared vision for an expanding organic rice supply. Good for the farmers and their families, good for course participants, good for the world. This is where the Astungkara Way aims to be.

This course entails a weekly 3-hour session in the rice paddies of Subak Uma Lambing, in the heart of Bali, to participate in the rice cycle through its full course and also to connect with local farmers and friends.


The agenda is simple: go, do, listen, share.

We will learn about the subak, a community-based system to manage water and farming that reflects the Balinese principle of Tri Hita Karana: harmony among people, nature, and the gods.


We will also learn about and apply regenerative farming methods aimed to restore depleted soil to a healthy state and nurture biodiversity. Sometimes there will be real work to do, mud to get wedged between toes, fingers to get blistered, necks to get burned in the morning sun whilst ploughing, planting, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting. Other days we might just sit and watch our rice growing, have a chat, listen to some local perspectives, maybe eat some Balinese cakes, share some thoughts on the process and what we're noticing or learning together.


Through our efforts, we can gain new appreciation for the Balinese landscape, for our local friends and partners, and for all it takes to produce a simple meal of rice.



  • 16 sessions, from Sept 5 to Dec 12 2020. Saturdays from 8:30am to 11:30am.

  • Bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat. Rice farmer conical hats can be purchased for 40,000Rp/hat on site.

  • 15 participants maximum.


Course fees are allocated to the costs of growing the rice - the seeds, organic fertilizer, a cow to plough the land, and so on - and to supporting the farmers with the goal of helping them to transition from conventional to organic farming, to produce more good food for their communities, and to provide a consistent local supply of naturally grown rice to both international and local markets. Course fees also enable us to pay good wages for our young Astungkara Way facilitators.


Go with no expectations and an open mind. You will leave with a life changing experience. 

- Mike Wheeler, Rice Cycle Course Participant