The Astungkara Way is continually on the look-out for collaborative relationships. 

Here are some of the organizations we align with. 


TRI Upcycle is a Bali-based social enterprise that uses upcycled materials to produce products that promote conscious consumption and a planet earth with more trees. 

TRI educates on the issue of deforestation in Indonesia and supports grassroots organizations that are working to protect or restore forests. 

The Astungkara Way is a close partner with TRI Upcycle sharing team members and resources for mutual benefit and to achieve our respective goals as social enterprises. 


Since its inception in 1997, Ecofieldtrips has grown to become one of South East Asia’s premier environmental education providers. They specialise in creating personalised, tailor-made trips to suit the needs of any school group or curriculum.

The Astungkara Way provides service learning opportunities for young Ecofieldtrips learners in the rice paddies and agroforests of Bali.


Green School is a world-renowned international school in the heart of Bali that educates for sustainability. 

The core Astungkara Way team got their start while facilitating the Rice Cycle Course for Green School parents and students whilst members of Kul Kul Connection, the school’s local engagement initiative.  We are grateful to Cynthia and John Hardy, Green School’s founders, for their intention to embed the school firmly in the local community.  This vision is what has inspired and activated the Astungkara Way.


Bamboo U is an intensive design and build course that follows a detailed curriculum and takes participants through the life cycle of bamboo–from sustainable forestry to design and construction.  Bamboo U supports The Astungkara Way through a collaboration that results in the building of functional bamboo shelters, or 'kubus' in the rice paddies.  These structures are used both by local farmers as a place to rest and store their tools, as well as by participants in Astungkara Way courses as learning pods.


Kul Kul Farm is a permaculture farm in Bali offering unique experiences, skills and knowledge in permaculture, bamboo building and earth friendly living.  Orin and Maria Hardy, founders of Kul Kul Farm, have been generous in sharing their space, resources, knowledge and tools with the Astungkara Way to support our shared vision to engage more humans in the cultivation of naturally grown healthy food, and to promote thriving biodiverse ecosystems and interdependent communities.