When you enroll in an Astungkara Way course, you support our team of young Balinese agriculturalists to be stewards of an ageless tradition that defines the culture of this unique and beautiful island.

I used to be embarrassed when people asked me what I do. 

But now I proudly say, "I'm a farmer."

Team Testimonials


"When I work with little kids in the field it makes me remember the old days.  Even though they are laughing and screaming in excitement, they are doing important work for the future."


"I feel so humbled when I pass a forest and think about the people generations ago who planted these trees.  Maybe I can be a legend like they were too."


"It's only when I'm in the field that I feel truly connected with nature and my Balinese heritage."


"When I work as a farmer, I align with my soul's calling."


"When I'm working in the field there is no stress, no pressure. I just feel happy."


"I used to go on long journeys to search for great stories and photos.  But now I realize that I am surrounded by incredible stories from the farmers in the fields all around me that have been there all along."


"We took seeds from a dead flower and turned them into a whole field of brilliantly coloured flowers in the rice paddies.



"When I work in the field I feel truly present, doing something meaningful and time slows down."


"I hear my elders say how sad they are that young people don't want to return to the rice paddies anymore.

But when we young people come together and work in the field, they aren't sad anymore."