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Grounded Course 2024/1

Grounded Course 2024/1

The Grounded course is a 3,5 month invitation to live the rice cycle, from seed to harvest, with local farmers and Balinese youth.


This year, for the first time in Bali since over 30 years, participate in bringing back traditional rice cultivation through a technique called Complex Rice Systems. Using this method, we are restoring rice paddy ecosystems and bring life back above and below the soil.

This course will be delivered in parallel of a pioneering, regenerative program we are launching with reNature and Zero Foodprint Asia.


  • Experience the rice cycle with local farmers and Balinese youth
  • Learn to use local endemic plants as food and medicine
  • Listen to local voices and tune into the heartbeat of this island
  • Spend quality time in the rice paddies with your feet in the mud


📅 February 22 - June 6 | 10 Thursdays

⏰ 8:30am - 12:30pm

💸 4,500,000 IDR

The price includes Balinese snacks, lunch and tea.



Week 1: Plowing soil I and rice nursery, planting long beans in the edges, culture and place learning (February 21)

Week 2: Plowing soil II and planting border plants, endemics and perennials, harvesting and cooking Turi (March 1 - Friday)

Week 3: Planting rice, placing duck net all around the border, natural fertilizer and pesticide (March 7)

Weeks 4: Re-planting rice and collecting snails, finding materials for rice protection from snails, replanting plants border (March 14)

Week 5: Rice maintenance, weaving tipat, harvesting liquid fertilizer (March 21)

Week 6: Harvesting veggies, spraying natural pesticide on rice and garden maintanance, visit permaculture garden (April 18)

Week 7: Spraying natural pesticide on rice and garden maintanance, making worm compost ( April 25)

Week 8: Trip to Sandan Natural Farm (May 2)

Week 9: Take off the net, cleaning the border field, spraying natural pesticie and liquid fertilizer, making scare crow and noise maker, harvesting medicinal plant (May 16)

Week 10: Harvesting rice and celebrating the harvest (June 6)

  • Check out the Course leaflet

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