70% of Bali’s farmers are over 60 years of age, as younger generations are flocking to tourism-related jobs. This is a serious risk for the island's economic, cultural and environmental resilience.

It’s time to create compelling motivations for the younger generation to return to their grandparents’ fields and be stewards of their land and the ancient traditions that define Bali’s culture and way of life.


Donations to the Astungkara Way scholarship fund are used to:  

  • Balinese youth to enroll in our courses alongside their international counterparts.

  • Create meaningful part-time jobs for local youth who manage our field projects while learning about regenerative agriculture.  

  • Purchase tools such as dehydrators or distillation machines that allow young local farmers to gain access to the value chain with the equipment they need to produce high value products that they can sell to local markets.  


Your donations will be used to promote healthy local economies, build community connections, and revive ecosystems and ancestral knowledge.  
Please contact us or donate now if you would like to support our scholarship fund or if you would like to apply for a scholarship.