About Us

We contribute to climate change mitigation, ecosystem regeneration and community resilience by making farming a compelling alternative to working in tourism for young generations.

We must build a new, regenerative model that can be proven in Bali, then applied in other locations globally where farming needs to regain its importance and take its rightful place as our most powerful climate change mitigation tool.

To do this, we must achieve 4 goals:

The main challenges Bali is facing that we are taking on:


Ensuring there is a next generation of farmers.

Most youngsters reject farming, preferring work in the tourism sector and becoming disposable urban cheap labor. Bali’s food independence and agricultural knowledge developed over generations are at stake.


Reestablishing Bali’s economic resilience.

The island’s economy is almost entirely tourism-centric and farming revenue has considerably decreased, leaving farmers with no choice but to sell their land to foreign developers.


Preserve and restore soil and ecosystems.

Over 30 years of chemical farming has impoverished soil, lack of waste management has polluted virtually every waterway and climate change is already causing more severe droughts and floods.

If you would like to share your thoughts, support our efforts or just come out and meet us, please feel free to contact us, or donate !