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Astungkara Way

"Astungkara" is the Balinese word for "hopefully", "god-willing". It is a prayer, an invocation of the Gods, to guide and bless our path forward.

About our Journey.

When traveling around Bali today, it is hard to miss the negative impacts of mass tourism on local culture and natural ecosystems. This trend also threatens the future of the farming culture at the heart of Bali. Bali exemplifies a global trend where a new, so-called "modern" economy disrupts the natural world and undermines what is essential for our life on this planet: the cultivation of healthy food.

At Astungkara Way, we are on an ambitious mission to create alternatives in both tourism and agriculture so they can mutually heal and support each other. By developing Regenerative Travel alternatives, we aim to support local culture and economies, which inherently includes preserving local agriculture and traditions. Additionally, we work with farmers to transition from conventional, chemical farming to Regenerative Farming that can meet the needs of the island's hospitality industry. This approach not only improves the livelihoods of farmers but also revitalizes the appeal of farming to youth.

Our dual mission is to reconnect the two pillars of Bali's economy—tourism and agriculture—demonstrating a model of regenerative transition that can resonate globally. We believe in serving as a beacon of hope, showing that it is still possible to shift towards a brighter future for generations to come.

Meet the team making this happen

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