The Balinese word Astungkara does not have a direct translation in English.

It is a subtle blend of the notions of Hope, Trust in the Universe and Humility.

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Building Kubus in Subak Uma Lambing

Step 1

Facilitate learning.

Provide courses that reconnect people with nature and the importance of growing food as a way to build resilient communities. Experience localization and community interdependence.

Step 2

Engage Balinese youth.


70% of Bali’s farmers are over 60 years of age.  It’s time to get the next generations re-engaged with their heritage in the rice paddies and food forests of Bali.

Step 3

Create the Trail. 


Connect farming communities, rice fields, conservation projects & more into a single, walkable trail from coast to coast.

This would be unique to Bali, accessible to small numbers of trekkers, and provide an insight into this island's true, original beauty and its people's ingenuity.