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Cultivating a future for Rice



Why restore rice paddies ?

  • Rice yields are declining due to impoverished soils by decades of chemical farming.

  • The cost of chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) is increasing.

  • Rice paddies are responsible for 11% of the world's methane emissions because of paddy flooding to combat weeds. This eradicates soil life and fertility, requiring further chemical inputs.


We have reached a turning point. Food security and the livelihoods of millions are at stake.

There has to be a better way.

Regenerative Agriculture is our Way.

Since 2018, Astungkara Way has collaborated with Subak Uma Lambing farmers, in the heart of Bali, to shift towards chemical-free and ecosystem-regenerating rice farming.


Our primary objectives include assisting farmers in boosting their income from rice cultivation, collectively revitalizing rice paddy ecosystems both above and below the soil, and supplying restaurants and hotels with healthy and truly nourishing rice.

Since January 2023, we have been scaling up this Rice Paddy Restoration project with farmers, international experts, funders and customers:

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Astungkara WAY

Astungkara Way and the farmers of Subak Uma Lambing collaborate closely to adopt a traditional cultivation method while gathering data to assess its economic and environmental impacts.



reNature provides the agriculture and monitoring & evaluation technical expertise and project management.

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Zerofoodprint asia

Zerofoodprint Asia provides the project funding and a simple way for hotels and restaurants to support regenerative agriculture.


Restaurants and hotels

Establishments of all sizes in Bali serve nutritious rice to their customers, who are informed of the importance of supporting traditional, sustainable agriculture. 

A few of our customers supporting local, regenerative agriculture

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Join the movement !

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Retail price:

Rp. 150.000 for 5Kg

(5kg is minimum order)

Pick up for free at Soogi Roll Warung Sibang Kaja (outside Green School Bali)


Want to serve our rice at your restaurant ?

We'll help you inform your customers that they are eating healthy rice with an impact !

We use profits from selling rice to hire and train more young Balinese agriculture graduates to work alongside farmers across Bali and help them make the transition to regenerative farming.

Regenerative Rice Farming

The primary objective of Astungkara Way is to gradually eradicate chemical usage in Balinese farming, focusing on one farmer and one rice paddy at a time.


To achieve this, we aim to address the root cause by restoring the health of paddy ecosystems, to replicate their natural state observed for centuries.

To accomplish this, Astungkara Way is adopting a method known as Complex Rice Systems, which has been developed and extensively tested by Dr. Uma Khumairoh from Wageningen and Brawijaya Universities in various regions of Indonesia over a period of ten years.


Here is a simplified breakdown of the method:

By following this approach, Astungkara Way and its partners strive to create a regenerative, chemical-free farming landscape in Bali, preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of traditional rice farming for generations to come.

We hope you will join us on this very important journey.

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