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Astungkara Way Collective

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Target: 120,000,000Rp (about $8,400USD) will support our operations to the end of 2021.


Astungkara Way is a registered for-profit business, but we function as a mission-focused social enterprise. By making a donation to our Collective, you will help keep our highly motivated team of young Balinese agriculturalists and facilitators engaged in the continued expansion of our good work in the field and with local communities despite the challenges that COVID-19 restrictions have presented us with.

Every little bit helps.

Sekolah Subak


Target: 90,000,000Rp ($6,500USD) to fund 5 Balinese scholars ($1000USD/sponsored student) and purchase a distillation unit for producing high value essential oil.
It’s time to create compelling motivations for the younger generation to return to their grandparents’ fields and be stewards of their land and the ancient traditions that define Bali’s culture and way of life.
Your donations to the Sekolah Subak scholarship fund are used to:  

  • Enable Balinese youth to enroll in our courses alongside their international counterparts.

  • Create meaningful part-time jobs for local youth who manage our field projects while learning about regenerative agriculture.

  • Purchase tools such as dehydrators or distillation machines that allow young local farmers to produce high value products that they can sell to local markets.

Astungkara Trail

Target: 70,000,000Rp ($5,000USD) to build facilities for one of the 9 destinations on our first trail. 


The Astungkara Trail is a movement that supports regeneration of ecosystems, interdependent communities and a simple and more balanced way of experiencing life.  By building it we are creating a neural network of farmers taking regenerative action from coast to coast on Bali that is reinforced with every pilgrim that walks on the trail.  

Your donations to the Astungkara Trail fund are used to build the following assets for local communities en route: 

  • Bamboo learning hubs that serve as gathering points for local youth and farmers to learn about regenerative agriculture, and also provide shelter for pilgrims on our trail.

  • Worm composting toilets and bamboo privacy barriers for basic showers at trail destinations.