Tropical Leaves

Experiences of (re)connection


To be able to work with the Balinese farmers, learn from them as well as study new developments in agriculture together with them, is what makes this course so special.  The farmers share their local wisdom that comes from generations of hands-on experience – and combining that knowledge with the expertise of external teachers brought the course to the next level. Be ready to get your hands dirty and your mind expanded!

Karien van Ditzhuijzen,

Agroforestry Course Participant


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For me personally, the whole experience is full of gratitude. I am feeling an abundance of appreciation for our little place in nature’s wonderful system. Nature has so much more to teach us, as life has so much to offer. Obviously, this experience falls into a bigger developing picture, but it has given me new insights and confidence that Agroforestry is a philosophy and practice, amongst many other much needed changes and emerging new practices, that will spread and contribute to a better and more sustainable life on earth.

Jereon Quaegebeur,

Agroforestry Course Participant