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A short documentary about the Astungkara Trail in Bali: an example of sustainable tourism

A few weeks ago, Jakub participated in a 3-day Trail with Astungkara Way (our new Tree to Mountain Experience in Bali), sponsored by Little Ripper Cafe in Kedungu.

The goal is to promote sustainable and regenerative initiatives in Bali, in tourism, agriculture and other fields, that are going against the current trend of utter destruction and abuse of this island's resources, people and culture. The result is this beautiful 11-minute journey through Jakub's eyes and we are so grateful that he has told our story with the depth that we feel it deserves... Hopefully this inspires others to join our regenerative movement and to understand that with every Rupiah we spend on this island, we are voting for what kind of future we wish to see prevail.

Thank you and enjoy the video 🙏


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